Bali Mountain Bike Marathon

litakeval-balibikingBali MTB Festival is the cycling events that will be held each year, as for the purpose of this event to support Green Tourism and social responsibility to developing cycling sport in Indonesa. The cyclist will be come from around the world. This festival divided into several activities including, XC Mountain Bike Marathon, Junior XC MTB race and MTB touring. This event activity is fully supported by Bali Cycling Federation (Ikatan Sport Sepeda Indonesia – Bali) and Bali Cycling Operator sport company (

Cross Country Marathon 80 km Mountain Batur Caldera Trail is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth. Batur high land in the Kintamani district in Bangli regency, it has retained its essentially agrarian. It is wondrous history and geography are still the defining aspects of everyday life. The character of Batur bike trails is that these places are blessed with beautiful sceneries and pleasant climates. The experience is made up entirely of off-road excursions on a series of challenging surfaces including forest trails, red mud hard-pack, volcanic sand, lava cobbles, gravel and broken tarmac roads. There are sections of single-track in every ride, but no long rocky or root sections or big drops. As far as gradients are concerned, all the trails except one have an overall down-hill element to them. A few steep ascents and descents are also part of the program, but these are normally short and sharp. These trails are rich in natural and cultural attractions such as Batur Mountain and Batur Lake or other enchanting sceneries. They also feature convenient location, rare plants and animals, nice weather, and rich ecological resources. In addition, cyclists may undergo an experience of the Balinese lifestyles. Under all these pleasant conditions, cyclists may enjoy biking while appreciating the beautiful sceneries. The advance cycling skill level recommended.

The 4th Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2014 on 7 June 2015

Event Schedule MTB 2015

  • June 6, 2015
    • 12:00 pm – 4:00 pmTechnical Meeting
  • June 7, 2015
    • 8:00 am – 4:00 pmBali Mountain Bike Marathon  XCM 80 km – Open Category at Batur Caldera, Kintamani, Bangli – Bali – Indonesia
    • 9:00 am – 11:00 amJunior Cross Country  XC 30 km – Junior catagory – 3km trail at Batur Mountain Kintamani Bali Indonesia
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Map Location:

Located in Danau Batur, Kintamani Ubud Indonesia Mountain Bike Festival Trek   Picture1 Lake Batur approximately 75km from Denpasar, after arriving in the front Mount Batur climb parking lot , turn left towards the track, about 500 meters to find the start. Thecnical meeting will take place at the start point (alternative 1) and Segara hotel (alternative 2). BATUR MAP START POINT

Litakeval 2014 Participant List

1Mr.Shamsuri A RahmanMalaysian
2Mr.Kamarul Zaman MochtarMalaysian
3Mr.Marzuku MustaffaMalaysian
5Mr.dr Yerry Arbeno Sp OGIndonesian
6Mr.Mohd Saiful Bin Abdul JalilMalaysian
7Mr.Aflah JunaidiIndonesian
8Mr.Mohd Faizal Bin Md PilusMalaysian
10Mr.Pierre CapelaniFrench
11Mr.Tertius HumanShout African
12Mr.Adrian BowenAustralian
13Mr.Dzulkeffly HassanMalaysian
14Mr.Shaharul Bahrin NaharuddinMalaysian
15Mr.Justin CollingShout African
16Mr.Ary Wahyu WidhiantoIndonesian
17Mr.Sylvestre MartinsSwiss
18Mr.Untung SuhartantoIndonesian
19Ms.Goh Soo YeeMalaysian
20Mr. Cheryl Toh Gim GimMalaysian
21Ms.Ooi Bee TinMalaysian
22Mr.Soon Chin KokMalaysian
23Mr.Ch'ng Chooi PohMalaysian
24Mr.Wong Yee VenMalaysian
25Mr.Chin Kam WaiMalaysian
26Mr. Low Soon EngMalaysian
27Mr.Juan WheelerShout African
28Mr.Jeffrey SylvesterMalaysian
29Mr. I Gede Sucaya Indonesian
30Mr.Dmitry BaryshnikovRussian Federation
31Mr.Lau Cze KuangMalaysian
32Mr.Michael SahariMalaysian
33Mr.Saiful Sujak Malaysian
34Mr.Rico HardyarsoIndonesian
35Mr.Andri Budhi Setyawan SudibyoIndonesian
36Mr.Syahrul NizamMalaysian
37Mr.Benjamin MuirSingaporean
38Mrs.Nur Hazwany HalimMalaysian
39Ms.Lui Lai Han DennexHong Kong
40Mr.Yasser Aslan
Parepare - Indonesian
41Mr.Hamsir IbrahimParepare - Indonesian
42Mr.Iskandar AbsiParepare - Indonesian
43Mr.Muh.Ali AkbarParepare - Indonesian
44Mr.Bunga DelimaParepare - Indonesian
45Mr.Jusriadi A.MuchtarParepare - Indonesian
46Mr.BaharuddinParepare - Indonesian
47Mr.FeryantoParepare - Indonesian
48Mr.Jared BrenemanCanadian
49Mr.Paul CharlesBritish
50Mr. Christopher ShearmonBritish
51Mr.Bowo BudiarsoIndonesian
53Mr. Terence TanSingaporean
54Mr.Maman PermanaIndonesian
55Mr.Firmandhani HamdanIndonesian
56Mr.Dede SupriatnaIndonesian
57Mr.Rafika Mokhamad FarisiIndonesian
58Mr.Atep muhanaIndonesian
60Mr.Nik Mohammed Fariz Shah Bin Mohammed Shariffudin TaftazaniMalaysia
61Mr.Faisal IshanIndonesian
62Mr.Budiharto PrawiraIndonesian
63Mr.Antonio Almeida Pereira MartinsTimorese
64Mrs.Francelina Marques CabralTimorese
65Mr.Nelson Ricardo Pereira SilvaPortuguese
66Mr.Leonel Da Silva GoncavesTimorese
67Mr.Antonio Fernandes VianaTimorese
68Mr.David Da Silva GonsalvesTimorese
69Mr.Syarifuddin HamranIndonesian
70Mr.Pedro FigueiredoPortuguese
71Mr.Sirhan AttamimiAmbon-Indonesian
72Mr.Fitra Tara MizarIndonesian
73Mr.Renoval Budi DarmawanIndonesian
74Mr.Christopher SerjakUSA
75Mrs. Susan MarxSouth Africa
76Mr. Stephen StintonAustralian
78Mr.Muhibin Indonesian
79Mr.I Ketut Panca JayaIndonesian
80Mr. I Dewa Made Adi DharmawanIndonesian
81Mr.I Made KarangIndonesian
82Mr.Zaenal FananiIndonesian
83Mr.Ketut SukertaIndonesian
84Mr.Taufik WalhidayahIndonesian
85Mr.I Wayan Wisnaya
86Mr.Gede CakraIndonesian
87Mr.I Made Yasa
89Mr.I Wayan Suwitra YadnyaIndonesian
90Mr.I Wayan Puja WahanaIndonesian
91Mrs.Tyas Azizah SuyutIndonesian
92Mr.Muhammad Fajrul FalahIndonesian
93Mr.Risal Bagus WijayaIndonesian
94Mr,Komang Calvin Krisna DwipaIndonesian
95Mr.I Gst Ngurah Kusuma DwipayanaIndoeesian
96Mr.Putu Angga Harry SugiarthaIndonesian
97Mr.Shafrifat NandaIndonesian
98Mr.Dinarajeng RakhmalillahIndonesian