Top 3 Cycling Games for Mobile Gadgets

Perhaps the reason for the popularity enjoyed by mobile gaming in recent years is the versatility of the games available to players. There’s truly something for everything on the mobile game market, whether you’re a racing game lover, a casino slot machine aficionado, or someone who enjoys shooting zombies. Even cycling enthusiasts, who’ve seen quite a scarce selection of games in the past, now have a variety of choices. There are a bunch of great cycling titles on the mobile gaming market, but here are three of the best ones that are now available for download:

CRC – Pro Cycling

CRC – Pro Cycling is a fast-paced cycling game with very nice graphics. It gives players the chance to compete with other contenders in a variety of circuits that include city centers and breathtaking countryside themes. Apart from racing tournaments, some of the game’s features include a customizable avatar, completely customizable bikes, and actual prizes for players who top the online leader boards. If you want a competitive game with graphics that fit the next-gen mobile framework, this game is for you.

Official Tour De France 2011

Even three years after its initial release, t the Official Tour De France 2011  remains one of the best cycling games on the market.

In this game, players will participate in the 21 stages of the 2011 Tour De France. They will need to concentrate in managing the cycling team in order to win the tour’s rounds. Players can control their members with just 4 buttons, but commanding them effectively takes practice. There are different strategies to win the Tour de France, and players need to figure out the best strategy to win first place. Out of the three games in this article, Official Tour De France is the most realistic one. The developers captured every detail of the race and combined them all into one, solid mobile game.

King Arthur’s Quest for the Holy Hi-Lo

You might be wondering what ‘s King Arthur game is doing on the list. Well, have you ever wondered what the medieval people use if they want to feel the wind on their faces just like what people experience when cycling fast? Why, they use horses of course! In this game, control King Arthur and ride with the wind to escape the clutches of the fire-breathing dragon!

King Arthur’s game, which can be played both on the PC and mobile, is a hybrid of a racing and luck game. The game is over once the king gets scorched by the dragon. In order to progress far, players must guess whether the next number presented to them is higher or lower than the previous one. The player can only make a mistake once before the king is burnt to a crisp, so make sure to make predictions wisely.

Do you have a cycling-related game that you enjoy playing apart from these three? Share your games at the comments section below!