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Eco-Flores-logo-and-slogan-bilingual-3-300x86Eco Flores Foundation aims to:

  • Define sustainability issues on Flores at present and in the foreseen future
  • Identify local and international initiatives working for the sustainability of Floresand
  • Facilitate cooperation and sharing of expertise in some, but not limited to the following ways: publicize local sustainability initiatives and funding needs on the Eco Flores website; connect local sustainability initiatives and projects in similar areas of work; and connect sustainability efforts across Flores to foster sharing of experiences, resources, and best practices.

On this site you find projects in various fields related to sustainability. We have categorized them by looking at the focus of their activities. Some organizations you might find on more than one page, because they are active in multiple fields.

Headoffices of these organizations are based either on Flores, other parts in Indonesia or in other countries.

About Eco Flores Foundation:

We initiate and facilitate partnerships in efforts for the sustainable development of Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.

We initiate collaborations, facilitate sharing of expertise, provide technical support.

Eco Flores is about sharing, supporting and creating transparency and insight.

It’s about connecting people and offering information for all.

It’s about giving: about sharing experience and expertise for the benefit of others.

It’s about joining forces cross-sector and district borders.

All topics are inter-related, we look with a birds-eye view and advocate a holistic collective approach for maximum impact of initiatives.

Stakeholders: Florenese-, national- and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, scientists, companies with CSR Program and concerned individuals.