1. Your association with this event will provide many long;
    2. Promote your products and services;
    3. Increase brand awareness and develop new markets;
    4. Gain wide exposure throughout the Cycling community in round the world.


    The Bali MTB Festival will be supporting the event with a targeted media and publicity plan:

    Print / Radio
    Advertising will be placed in Cycling magazines and major newspapers. Radio advertising will run throughout Indonesia, promoting major sponsors.

    Direct Mail
    Cycle club members throughout Indonesia will be emailed with personal invitations to attend the event, this will include a link to the website. A postal mail out will also be sent so that cyclists have a hardcopy of the event details and web address.

    The event has a dedicated website and this will be a principle source of information about the event, including sponsor information. Sponsor’s website links (detailing products and services) and sponsors logos will be incorporated into the website.

    As a weeklong event there will be substantial publicity in Bali, via newspaper and radio. There is currently an invitation out to National media outlets to attend the event.

    Cyclists from throughout Indonesia and around world will be targeted, these are serious riders from Mountain Bike clubs, and cycling enthusiasts such as tandem cyclists. The following demographics provide some insight into who the ‘cycle tourist’ is and what they like to do when travelling to an event:

    1. Domestic and International cycle tourists;
    2. Many are 40-65 year olds with high discretionary income and an interest in leisure activities;
    3. Cycle tourists participate in the following activities as part of their trip;
    4. Cycling (including mountain biking combined) is the most popular sport and recreational activity for Bali Cycling

    On cue is providing sponsorship and online registration management to the Bali MTB Festival. On cue brings over 7 years experience in the management and cycling tour promotion of special cycling events. The company has an excellent track record and looks forward to maximizing the benefits of your sponsorship presence at the Bali Mountain Bike Festival. The Bali MTB Festival offers a unique opportunity to increase your company’s exposure to a diverse cross-section of cyclists and their supporters / spectators.

    Sponsorship packages and commitment levels vary and can be tailored to suit your marketing strategy, the following pages outline the main sponsorship options. Remember, whatever your business, the Bali Mountain Bike Festival can tailor a sponsorship package that will help you to meet your brand objectives.

    We want to help you to achieve your business objectives and service your customer groups. If you would like to suggest other ways in which your company would like to be involved with this event please do not hesitate to contact the sponsorship coordinators. The packages listed in this document can be tailored to your specific marketing needs and new ideas can be incorporated into the available options.

    This event provides a unique and prestigious marketing opportunity and we are confident your involvement as a sponsor will provide your company with exceptional business rewards.

    For further details on the opportunities available please contact the sponsorship coordinators who will be pleased to assist you.

    Sponsorship coordinator:

    I Wayan Kertayasa
    Jl. Puri Gading B2/2
    Ph: +62 81338773577


    1. Sponsorship will be allocated on receipt of a signed sponsorship booking form, A letter of confirmation will be sent to you to confirm the booking, together with a tax invoice for the required 50% deposit. The deposit is payable 30 days from the date of the tax invoice. The balance is due and payable by 03 th March 2012. Applications received after 03 th March 2012 must include full payment.
    2. All monies due and payable must be received (and cheques cleared) by the sponsorship coordinators prior to the event. No company will be listed as a sponsor in any event material until a deposit and booking form have been received by the sponsorship coordinators.
    3. CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds may not be possible, please contact the sponsorship coordinators. No sponsor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their sponsorship package except upon prior written consent from the sponsorship coordinators.
    4. Sponsorship monies will facilitate the successful planning and promotion of the event in addition to subsidizing the cost of management, communication, invited guests, programmed and publications. Sponsorship monies are not expended on any entertainment incurred which is incidental to the activities of the event.