The Second Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2013

Mountain Bike Festival Trek

If you have your own idea of how you would like to tour Bali on bike, there are plenty of tour operators that will be able to offer you such a cycling tour, and an experienced guide will accompany you so that you travel with peace of mind, as well as tap on his local knowledge to learn more about Bali. Cycling tours in Bali generally take place from South Bali and goes up to North Bali. Of course, the wonderful thing about a cycling tour is that you’re absolutely flexible with timings. No need to worry about catching a bus to your next destination, your tour is entirely up to you. There are so many different routes that you could choose for your cycling tour around Bali, the options are virtually limitless.

Bali is beautiful for cycling in, and cyclists are rewarded for their hard work by the beautiful scenery all around them. It is also possibly one of the best ways to see local Bali, and be able to stop by at local villages and witness how the Balinese live their lives.

For those who have been inspired to try this out for yourself, you may wish to participate in the Mountain Bike Marathon 2013, held on 9th June from 9am-4pm. It is an 80km trail, and will be quite manageable for intermediate to advanced cyclists. This marathon will take cyclists over the Mount Batur Caldera trail. Expect challenging terrains, including forest trails, red mud, volcanic sand, lava cobbles, gravel and broken tarmac roads. There are stretches of trail which are steep and goes uphill, however, take a pace at which you are comfortable and be sure to enjoy the scenery on the way. Registration for this event ends 8 May 2013.

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